Monthly Archives: January 2013

Whitebox ESXi 5.1 with VT-d

I recently decided I wanted to have my own ESXi server. I firstly looked at purchasing a second hand workstation class computer off Ebay. However, all of these used expensive ECC ram which meant getting a significant amount of ram would cost around £300. I would then end up with a 5 year old Xeon...
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Maximuscle Spam

Last year I was taking Maximuscle protein shakes, these seem to be great products.  Especially like the Cookies and Cream flavour. I have quite a few jars in stock, so have decided I dont need to read their constant e-mail adverts.  I have now unsubscribed four times, which involves unchecking a simple checkbox in the preferences section...
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Panasonic Bread Maker Rye Bread Recipe SD-ZB2502

Although a little different from my usual posts and subject matter here, I thought I would share my revised Rye bread recipe. Anyone who has tried the Panasonic recipe will know it produces an ugly, dense, sharp edged loaf with a collapsed centre. Although still quite edible. My slightly revised recipe produces a loaf that is...
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